…and then some

Some Old Haikus I Wrote

According to the text file in my documents, I wrote these back in 2003.

This is a poem.
It is my little Haiku.
It doesn’t like you.

I can write all day.
But right now I like to type.
So write I shall not.

Five syllable line.
Seven syllable line here.
And now five again.

Damn I am so bored.
Not a good time for Haikus.
It is getting late.

Still I continue
And continue I still do.
Continue, I do.

Yeah, eenie meenie.
Eenie meenie minie moe.
But, why the tiger?

Too many haikus!
What’s a guy supposed to do?
I have ten fingers.

Once upon a time
There was time upon a once.
Upon time, once was.

Giggly gaggly goo.
I have an itch on my wrist.
Okay, I scratched it.

Instant messengers…
Great to chat with a hot girl.
Too bad she’s thirteen.

Why me? Oh, why me?
Why must I be so lonely?
Like a post-it-note.

Okay, last for now.
This is the last one for now.
Can you count to five?


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