…and then some

I need to stop taking these breaks

I keep going back and forth between phases of blogging a lot and then not at all.  Blogging is good for me.  It’s a great outlet.  When I don’t blog, stuff just gets… blegh.

I have 7 blogs through WordPress.  Crazy, huh?  I don’t use all of them… at least, not really.  I’ll tell you what they are, though.

  1. Life (vertigoelectric.wordpress.com) is this blog that you’re reading now.  It’s my primary blog and it’s just about me and my life.
  2. World of Fail (worldoffail.wordpress.com) is a blog I set up to share pictures of things I personally see when I go out in the world that show a certain level of stupidity… things like business signs with spelling errors, for example.
  3. My Random Mobile Photos (myrandomphotos.wordpress.com) is a blog I set up long ago that was meant to be a sort of repository for random pictures taken with my phone as I went throughout my days.
  4. NES OST Blog (nesost.wordpress.com) was designed specifically for my NESOST website, which is a site containing many thousands of 8-bit soundtracks from classic NES games.
  5. vert’s rants (vertsrants.wordpress.com) is a blog I made to give me a safe place to vent and expel all the negative energy that builds up inside of me when I get irritated/upset.  I should probably use it more…
  6. Craigslist Fail Blog (craigslistfailblog.wordpress.com) is similar to the World of Fail blog except that it focuses on stupid ads on Craigslist posted by stupid people.
  7. The FriendGrid Beta Project Blog (friendgrid.wordpress.com) is the most recent blog I’ve created, and it serves as the official devblog for friendgrid.com.

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