…and then some

Vote My Vids (all of ’em, plzzz)

Well, I could explain everything, but let me get right to the point.

Please sign up for an account at votemyvid.com and then visit this link:

You’ll see all the videos I have uploaded since I joined the site.  Please make sure you have voted for ALL of them.  The way to know if you’ve voted already is that the vote button on the video page will be gray instead of blue.

You can do this two more times with two more accounts.  Rules say you can have up to 3 accounts per IP address.  This is intended for families that share a computer.  So make an account for your brother/sister/mom/dad/cat/dog/fish/whatever, and vote for me in their name.

I currently have 24 total videos.  That means that if one person votes for each one with 3 accounts, that’ll add 72 votes to my total score for the year.  I realize this is a bit tedious, but I would totally do it for you.  I really would.  I was on a vote exchanging site the other day, and I was able to get someone over 100,000 votes for their contest… by myself.

Anyway, check this out: http://www.votemyvid.com/winners

You’ll find my name somewhere near the top of that list.  I may be in 4th place, but I’m still a ways behind in total votes.  First place could be like 1,000 bucks or something.  I’m not sure yet.  Let’s find out, shall we?  Vote for all of my videos three times each and try to get others to do it as well.



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