…and then some

DST – I get it now. It still sucks.

“Time during which clocks are set one hour or more ahead of standard time to provide more daylight at the end of the working day during late spring, summer, and early fall.” <– this is the shortest explanation of DST that I have seen and yet it is the only one that I have found to actually be acceptable. This makes sense.

A previous explanation I read was that DST was intended to “add more daylight hours” to the day. This didn’t make sense at all. Regardless how you shift the clock, you’ll have the same amount of daylight each day. However, if you’re only trying to add daylight to the *end* of the *working day*, then yes, shifting the clock would do that. I still think it’s stupid, though. Causes more confusion and fuss than necessary. Benjamin Franklin came up with the idea, I believe. Great idea back then, especially for the hardworking farmers who depended on the daylight to do their jobs. I realize farmers still exist, of course, but with modern technology and for the vast majority of the population, it’s pointless.


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