…and then some


I don’t know why, but I am extremely sleepy this morning.  I was waiting for Lisa to get home from her day out, but somewhere near midnight I decided to hit the sack, so I just went to bed.

I didn’t take any kind of sleep aid or anything, but I’ve been having a super hard time waking up.  I first noticed it when I ‘woke up’ at some point and had to pee.  It was one of those moments when I knew I’d have to get up to go to the bathroom but I was so incredibly sleepy and weak I could barely move.  I tried to ignore it and go back to sleep but my bladder wouldn’t let me.  I eventually forced myself up to go take care of business.

That was around 5:30am… ish.  Light was pouring out over the eastern horizon and that’s usually about the time I consider staying up anyway.  Even when I decide to go back to bed, I’m usually up by around 7-ish.  Not this time.  I became conscious a few times here and there but each time I felt nothing but exhaustion and fell back to sleep.  Finally around 9am, just before sitting at my PC and starting this blog, I crawled myself out of bed.

I’m still tired, however.  VERY tired.  My body feels sort of achy… not really a bad kind of achy but the kind of achy that makes me want to go back to bed.  Actually, it feels like I took a strong muscle relaxer before I went to sleep.

I feel like I took some major sleep aids last night but I know I didn’t.

Anyway, I’m not the only thing feeling drained.  My phone battery was completely dead this morning.  Phone wouldn’t turn on.  Occasionally it will do that after sitting over night, even though there’s plenty of battery power to normally last that long and then some.  You can try to why, but based on my typical phone habits as far as how often I charge it and when I decide to leave it unplugged over night, it should NOT have drained that quickly while I was asleep.

Oh well.  Man I’m sleepy.


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