…and then some

A Late Start

I actually slept in until about 11am today.  For some people that may not be any big deal, but for me it’s nearly unheard of.

I didn’t sleep well at all, though, so there’s that.  I woke up quite frequently, either for a trip to the bathroom or just because my body didn’t feel like giving me rest.

This might interfere with today’s plans slightly.  I made plans to go visit my friend Lisa K today.  I don’t get to go see her very often.  This time my wife is going with me so we’ll all be able to hang out for a bit.  I would have liked Chris to come with us but he seemed to want to stay home when we invited him.  I’ll see if I can persuade him with a cheesecake.

Well, I suppose I’d better go get ready for the day.

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