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Free Writing (15m) – Clouds

So today I get to write about clouds, although I’m not really sure what to say on this topic.  It’s a rather broad yet strangely concise subject.  Clouds… clouds… hmmmm… well I know there are many types of clouds, although I don’t really remember what they are.  I think there are cirrus clouds… and… uhm… other ‘c’ words.  Well, I am no meteorologist.  What do you expect.  I know clouds can take all kinds of shapes and sizes and densities.  I’ve seen many beautiful clouds in my time, and have photographed many as well.  I have seen beautiful displays of sunlight pouring out from behind thick clouds.  Clouds are like the God’s fingerpaints on his sky canvas.  It’s kinda neat to think of them that way.

I really love clouds.  My favorite kinds of days are cloudy days.  Many people wake up in the morning, pull away the shades, and hope are given joy by sunshine.  For me, the best kinds of days are the ones where I pull back the shades and everything is gray and grim.  To some people, too many clouds are depressing, but to me, they are wonderful.  I’m not sure what it is about clouds that makes me happy.  Maybe it’s the fact that my eyes tend to be a bit sensitive to bright light and the clouds ease that.  Or maybe I just like the fact that they provide some coolness in a typically hot climate.  Whatever it is, I like clouds.

Clouds aren’t always helpful, though.  Sometimes clouds can be an inconvenience.  For example, most photography shots are not so great when there is an overcast of clouds… or sometimes there are just times when you just need sunlight.  I’m not sure when that is, but hey… I’m being open here.  I happen love overcast days.

Clouds don’t always keep it cool, though.  I’ve experienced some pretty grueling heat on very cloudy days… and usually those kinds of days include a lot of humidity as well.

I’ll be honest.  I’m running out of things to say about clouds.  I’m starting to hit writer’s block on this topic, but I must keep going!  Clouds… clouds…

Hey, nobody said what kinds of clouds I could talk about.  How about digital storage clouds?  Those are becoming quite popular these days.  I know Xbox Live recently introduced cloud storage.  That’s a really nice feature because that means that your save data can be accessible anywhere an xbox can connect to the internet.  Steam uses a storage cloud for the same purpose.  I personally don’t use any of the storage clouds.  All of my data is saved locally.

Let’s go back to the topic of sky clouds.  I like thunder clouds. I don’t know if that’s really a thing, but I suppose we typically refer to the “heavier”, darker, denser clouds as being ‘thunder’ clouds… or maybe I’mthinking of something else entirely.  I’m really not sure.

I suppose one can say that the whole topic is a bit… cloudy… to me.

Cloud Strife is one of the most popular Final Fantasy characters of all time.

I think there’s a Fox McCloud or Fox Cloud or something, too… who is a video game character, or maybe a movie character…?  I don’t recall.  It sounds familiar.  I’d have to look it up, and I don’t think I can do that right now.

Clouds… clouds…  My wife and I noticed two dark clouds in the sky today.  It would be nice if there were more clouds.  As I said before, I love cloudy days.  The northern west coast states are particularly cloudy. Excessive cloudy weather can cause a lot of people to become depressed, which I believe is why Washington state has such a high suicide rate.  It’s all the clouds.  Clouds are the opposite of depressing for me, and I know I keep saying it over and over, but I like clouds.

There are some clouds I don’t like.  For example, clouds that aren’t near me.  Those clouds suck.  Clouds I can’t see are also bad.  Fifteen minutes to write about clouds is probably a bit excessive.

There are a lot of cartoons that portray characters walking and standing on clouds.  Such silliness.  That is not possible!  Clouds could never support that.

Kid Icarus is one of my favorite NES games, and it has lots of clouds in it.


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