…and then some

Summary of Major Updates

I wonder how many blogs posts I have that open with me referencing the fact that I’ve not posted in a while.  Probably a lot.

So as the title indicates, I’m going to summarize some of the major things that have happened in my life lately, as well as some minor things.  You discern which is which.

My parents and sister recently moved.  Same town, different home.  Better home.  Much better.   It all happened so fast, though.  Being the sentimental goof that I am, it’s a bit sad knowing that the home I grew up in and have always called “home” is no longer home and I’m no longer welcome there as I always have been.  Home is at another location now.  Still welcome, but not the same.

Work has been incredibly slow.  Lack of work means lack of income.  Of course that means to bills going unpaid and all of the financial woes that go along with that.  Stress, frustration, depression… it’s the grab bag of emotional crap and each day I reach in blindly and see what pathetic state I’ll find myself in next.

I normally stream on Twitch.tv almost daily, however this hasn’t been happening mostly due to the stuff mentioned in the previous paragraph.  I’ll get back into it.  It’s just hard to want to entertain others when I’m so bummed out.

That’s all for now.

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