…and then some

just some updates (voice to text)

disclaimer: I’m using voice to text to write this blog and will not be making corrections. results may be… peculiar.

its been a long time since I had an injury to my wordpress blog. I guess it’s just so easy to post something on Facebook I don’t really think about WordPress. anyway…  my family is going on a really nice vacation starting early tomorrow morning. we’re going on a cruise of the East Coast. I don’t get to go though… Lisa and I have to stay home. in fact we have to take care of the cats while they’re away. oh well. we’re planning on going on a cruise or something next year… for our 5 year anniversary.

Dodgers doing a lot better. in fact based on his behavior alone you would never even know he got hurt. he’s recovering very well and running around like a normal dog. the fence David help me put up is pretty much complete. although we do need to have a gate put in so that I can still get into the back when I need to.

I really thought that this blog would have more errors in it does. sometimes the speech to text works really well and sometimes the results are embarrassing. so far the only been a few mistakes this time around. you can probably figure out where they are.

a while back we got this game called munchkin. its your turn based game… that is… its a card based games that uses silly RPG elements. the rules are kind of hard to grasp because certain things just aren’t explain very well even though the rule sheet is pretty big. however once you get the hang of it it’s a lot of fun. there are also out on card packs that you can get to add more monsters and items and things to the game. I think it would be really cool to get some of those card packs.

I’ve been really getting into an anime lately called fairytale. well that’s not how you spell it but whatever. when I first started watching it I thought it was just ok… because I started to watch it more I thought it was pretty good… by now I’ve decided it’s probably one of the best animes ever seen. not really sure how to describe it. its not a really serious anime the story isn’t as raw or as deep as some of the other animes I have seen… but just as a really exciting vibe to it. in the lot of the underlying messages really encouraging the optimistic. there a lot of parts it really took it to heart strings too. 

I got my mister no back.  well that last sentence was awful… but I said no corrections so…nevermind.

I don’t really like that the voice to text makes nevermind one word when should be two words. sorry…

well a lot of what I said didn’t really come out the way I wanted. but whatever. I guess I’ll just publish this blog and then go back to watching more fairy tale… I so close by making a bunch of noises and seeing how is getting complicated to text…

I was there was no but I don’t want to meet up with them a lot a DD DD wouldn’t bother you but I need to do the weather in Miami.

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