…and then some

A quick summary about phone updates

So earlier today I decided to update my phone to a more recent Android version. I wasn’t sure if it would work and I did have some problems along the way however, I did manage to end up with a working updated phone. Unfortunately, I did lose most of my data, and after all is said and done I probably didn’t really need to. One major benefit to the new update is that the voice to text features seem to be much much better. So far I’ve been able to speak this entire blog post without making any corrections. I haven’t even have to type the punctuation. I am rather impressed. Even though I did lose a lot of my data and I’m really disappointed about that it’s clear to me that there are some benefits to the update as well.

I’m not really going to go into all the details of what I went through. I mostly just wanted to test the voice to text stuff. I think it is working wonderfully. I only had to make one minor correction this entire time. I wonder if anybody can guess what the correction was…

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