…and then some

Thought Bucket

I have many thoughts and topics that I’d kinda like to write about in my blog.  I’m just not quite sure where to begin.  Among others, certain topics such as the pain in my hip, my thoughts on black Friday, getting sick and recovering, and why I think Facebook is an anti-social network… are all things I’d like to talk about in my blogs.  I’m just not sure if now’s the time for those.

One thing I suppose I’ll touch on is blogging itself.  Personal blogs are very difficult to get an audience for, especially compared to blogs that cover popular trends and news.  You see, personal blogs don’t really have much to offer the reader.  There isn’t really much the audience can take from a personal blog to apply somewhere else.  Personal blogs are primarily just for the author’s benefit… a way for someone to talk about stuff that interests them first and foremost.  So… what can be done about this?  Is there a way to maintain a personal blog while still be appealing (or even entertaining) to the reader?  Perhaps if we’re clever about the way we write things… or maybe we can throw in funny bits here and there.   I dunno.

I’m going to sign off in a few minutes and get ready for bed, and while I’m doing so, I’ll be unable to help but wonder in the back of my mind if anybody is going to read this post… and if so, who?  What will he/she think about it?

[this is the part where I simply shrug and click the “Publish” button]

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