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Hey Hey, We’re the Junkees

Hold on.  I need to get some more medicine.

I’m back.  I also put some beef on the stove for dinner.

I’m a bit disoriented today.  I’ve slept most of the day.  Got up between 7-8 this morning and was up for a little while, but then went back to bed.  Didn’t get up until after 3 in the afternoon.  I would have stayed in bed but this is now the hottest part of the day to be in the house, and having no cooler in the bedroom, it was simply too hot to stay in there.

I’ve also acquired some medicine containing codeine.  Thanks to the friend who gave it to me.  It did help me sleep, and it does seem to help me cough a lot less.  I don’t think it’ll actually CURE me, but if I cough less then my throat won’t be so irritated.  I’ve reached the point where I am now coughing up blood.

Well I guess I’d better go babysit my meal.

Diva’s Song

I was just looking up how to post a simple little music player directly into a blog post so that I can share audio tracks with you all.  Turned out to be a lot simpler than I thought, and I’m testing it out by sharing this song here with you.

It’s Diva’s Song from the Blood+ anime series.  It’s beautiful and I love it.