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Phone Woes II

So, while the files were being copied back to the SD card, I went to go eat and watch a movie.  After the movie, I was planning on getting ready for bed.  I returned to the computer, expecting to find the transfer finished, or at least close to it.  Instead, I noticed it had stopped prematurely.  Why? Hmmmm… ah, well it seems my phone turned off during the process.  Yeah.  Battery died.

So, even though it’s plugged into the computer to do the transfer, this does not allow it to hold a charge.  Now I have to start the transfer all over, except now I have to plug my phone into an actual electrical outlet, wait for it to charge to 100%, and then start all over.

Oh, and to add to this, when I did plug it in and got it to boot up, it still said the SD card was damaged, even though I had formatted it.

I am not happy about this right now.

OH WAIT!  I left something out!  When I came back and found that the phone had turned off, I thought I’d try the card reader again… but the USB ports on the hub weren’t working.  Long story short, NO USB port on my computer was working for some reason.  My mouse and keyboard wouldn’t even work because they’re wireless with a USB receiver.  I had to do a hard reset.  Very, very annoying.

Oh, and then when I booted back into Windows, my wallpaper was messed up again, and my theme wasn’t loading properly… sheesh…