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I was on the computer and Matt called.  As you may or may not know, we haven’t spoken in a while and our final words exchanged weren’t the best.  We spoke for an hour and forty minutes, and it was an emotional conversation.  We talked a lot about God.

I love Matt.  I love him more than I can ever express my love for another man, and not in a homosexual way, you perverts.  Matt is my best friend, my brother in Christ, and may just as well be my brother in blood because he means that much to me.  I am glad we have reunited.

Listening to his testimony was a true blessing.  Just seeing how God has worked in his life didn’t just tug at my heartstrings.  It yanked on them like the hunchback of Notre Dame ringin’ the town bell.  I didn’t cry, but I might as well have.

I have several friends who have been encouraging me to pray and give everything up to God and get into the Word, but even with all of that, nothing seemed real enough for me, or tangible enough.  It took my brother Matt to truly make a significant impact.

We plan on meeting up tonight so we can pray together, and it is at that time I plan to rededicate my life to Jesus Christ, and be done with this nonsense oppression for good.

My brother is back.  It’s time to celebrate.


Well it’s Tuesday morning and I’m sitting at work. I brought my camcorder with me, and even though I can’t be using it all day, when I get a break or something I’ll be recording something. There’s not much of interest to record or talk about here at work but I’m mostly using this as practice. That is practicing techniques for cutting/editing the video later, and maybe play with some effects.

I’m not new to video editing at all, though. I’ve done some work with Adobe Premiere and I’ve even made a music video with an old friend. You can see some of this on my YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/vertigoelectric). I’m kinda taking the whole thing as if I’m new at it, though… like starting fresh. Hard to explain. Some of the newer vids I’m posting make it seem a bit like I’ve never done this before… and I’m okay with that… I guess.

My friend Mike and I are going to start a new YouTube channel called The Fish Reel, and it’s going to be mostly for our church, but will have a lot more general material on there, too, but all Christian stuff. I believe we can make a lot of entertaining and informative material without sin involved :) More on that channel later, though.