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Oh Yeah… The Tree.

Sometimes when I sit down and prepare to write a blog, I think of all the things I want to share but when it gets down to it I feel too lazy to get into every detail.  I’ll use a semi-summarized version.

Soooooo…. yesterday Lisa and I went out to see my friend Lisa K.  After that we went to Costco.  I wanted to stop by Costco since it was on the way and we needed some more plastic drinking cups.  On our way to Costco we first stopped at a Christmas Tree… place.  I’m not sure what you’d call it.  We looked around at some of the trees and checked some of the prices.  Lisa wanted a real tree this year, and I am more than okay with that.  Unfortunately, I really didn’t want to stick around too long because I had to pee something awful and I didn’t see any restrooms there.  We headed back over to Costco.  Also it was raining… a little.

For the record, we only wanted a small tree.  At that place, a small douglas fir was about $20 and I don’t think that includes a stand.  I saw that the medium/smallish sized stands were almost just as much.  The noble fir was more expensive, which I think is normal.

Anyway, moving on…  So we went to Costco and I finally got to pee.  YES!  We then casually pushed a cart around.

(skipping more details)

I stop in the aisle so Lisa can go look at something and while standing there a woman ten feet away was announcing the fact that they had real Oregon Christmas trees.  I asked about them and they were selling Oregon-grown noble firs WITH the stands… for $22.

Sooooo…. we bought one and brought it home and now it’s in our living room.  The end!  Perhaps I’ll post a photo once it’s decorated a bit.  We’re going to keep it simple.

Best. Dinner. EVAR. Sorta.

Well, compared to my other options, this was the best.

Costco makes some of the best hot dogs ever.  I finally got my own Costco membership this summer and ever since then I’ve wanted to bring home a package of their legendary hot dogs.  Tonight, I did.

Have you ever had a particular food that you love but you haven’t had it for so long that you don’t really remember what it was like?  All you can remember was that it was great… and that’s it.  That’s pretty much what happened here.  I heat up one of these hot dogs and in one juicy bite the delicious memories all came flowing back through my system.  It was euphoric.   Just talking about it now makes me want to go back to the kitchen for another.  Absolutely heavenly… especially compared to the cheaper crap we usually buy.

To top it all off, I got to finish my wonderful little meal with a Frugo’s frozen yogurt.  Massive nums.  I’ve been craving Frugo’s for a very, very long time.  We’ve got some Frugo’s coupons stuck to our fridge, so I have to see it all the time.  Well, the coupons expired literally over a year ago but nonetheless I got my yummies.

It was all fine dining as far as I’m concerned.

I don’t think I’m going to be able to go to sleep without having another one of those amazing hot dogs.  Sigh.

Quick Summary of a Full Day

I wanna get to bed but first I’ll quickly update my blog with highlights from today’s adventures.

Woke up early and got a bit of work done.  Picked up my sister and we ran a few errands and had breakfast/lunch at Hometown Buffet.  Pretty nice early in the morning when all the annoying kids are in school.  We went to Costco where I signed up for my first membership there and then proceeded to purchase a few things.  I had $70 in Costco cash cards and nearly spent it all on only a few items.

Later I completed my first custom Portal 2 test chamber, then had dinner.  After dinner I wanted to watch Ethan play my level but his Portal 2 wouldn’t load the custom content.  While he redownloaded Portal 2 we each took a shot at playing Slender, which is far more horrifying to play than I am usually willing to admit.  Honestly if I were by myself in a dark room playing the game with the audio turned up I would be absolutely terrified.

Ethan eventually got his Portal 2 to load the content properly but he only had a few minutes to try the first part of my custom level before he had to get to bed.  Sigh.
So now here I am and I’m going to get ready for bed now.
Also FYI I left out a lot of possibly interesting details.  Meh?