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Oh Me Oh My

I often think that I keep letting too many things in my life go by without blogging them… but why would I have to blog about everything??

Somehow I knew it was inevitable, but Dodger destroyed our shop vac filter.  I had it on top of the outside refrigerator.  I really don’t know how he got it.  The only thing I can think of is that it somehow blew off the top of the fridge.  The strange thing is, thinking back now, I haven’t seen it on top of the fridge for a while… and only this morning did I see it destroyed on the ground… so where was it that whole time?  I often wander around the back yard, just exploring or checking on things, and I never saw it anywhere, or even pieces of it.  It’s a mystery.

I’ve been feeling better overall.  This is awesome news.  I feel like I’m able to exert just a bit more energy than before, which is good.  I’m coughing much less.  Occasionally I’ll get into small phases where I’ll start coughing and can’t really stop, but normally a cough drop takes care of that.  The inhaler I got seems to be helping after all.  1 puff in the morning, 1 in the afternoon.  I’ve also started back on my BP medication that I never should have stopped in the first place, aaaand I’m taking 1 baby aspirin each night.


Stuffs and Updates

As you can see my blog design is a little different.  I went ahead and paid for a custom CSS upgrade so  I can have the most flexibility with the design.  I’m not limited to the existing theme layouts.

I stayed home from work today so I don’t have to talk at all.  I am going to rest and not use my voice for anything, which means I won’t be doing a video log… well, maybe I will do one if I am feeling better tonight.  My coughing won’t go away unless I let my irritated throat heal, and the more I talk or use my voice, the longer that’s going to take.

I dunno what else to say at the moment.

Oh, yeah.  If you look on the side bar you’ll find a link to my old myspace blog archive.  The earliest is from Nov 10, 2005.  In 5 days that post will be exactly 4 years old.  I was thinking… it would be kind of cool to get those blogs transferred to WordPress so that they are in with the rest of my blog.  I think what I will do is copy each post’s content as a new post on the date that it was originally posted, but 4 years later.  In other words, in 5 days (november 10), I will copy the 2005 myspace blog and post it here.  One concern I have about that is that I would need a for-sure way to make it obvious that it’s an old post.  I’ll figure it out.  If you have any ideas, please share.


We actually didn’t do that web page training thing today at work.  I guess it’s going to be next week instead.

I think I made it until about 7pm this evening when I saw “your” used improperly again.  I’m telling you, I see it every day.  It’s not a typo, either.  These people really don’t know how to use “you’re”.  I also saw it a few times after that, as well.  It’s so annoying.

By the way, if you ever see me use a word incorrectly or spell something incorrectly, please tell me.  I, unlike the other ignorant idiots in the world, would actually like to know the proper way.  Unless it’s just a typo… I do make typos all the time… especially when I’m at work and I can only get to my blog and facebook through a remote window which has a slow response time and makes it difficult to type and even more difficult to correct mistakes.

Well, as the subject here implies, it is bedtime.  Lisa and I played Soul Calibur IV for a little while.  That game really is a lot of fun.  Shura FTW!

I guess I don’t really have anything else to say…. OH oh… I’ve been coughing a lot lately.  It’s strange how I was super sick for over a week, heavily congested, and barely coughing.  Now that I am feeling better, and hardly congested at all, I can barely stop coughing.  It really doesn’t make much sense to me.

I watched a few more of those FAIL toy reviews.  Some of them are really pretty funny.  I can’t believe some of the toys that were put on the market.  Some of them are so blatantly inappropriate, it’s surprising the companies don’t get sued… that I know of, anyway.

Well, time to pee and go to bed… in that order.