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Oh Me Oh My

I often think that I keep letting too many things in my life go by without blogging them… but why would I have to blog about everything??

Somehow I knew it was inevitable, but Dodger destroyed our shop vac filter.  I had it on top of the outside refrigerator.  I really don’t know how he got it.  The only thing I can think of is that it somehow blew off the top of the fridge.  The strange thing is, thinking back now, I haven’t seen it on top of the fridge for a while… and only this morning did I see it destroyed on the ground… so where was it that whole time?  I often wander around the back yard, just exploring or checking on things, and I never saw it anywhere, or even pieces of it.  It’s a mystery.

I’ve been feeling better overall.  This is awesome news.  I feel like I’m able to exert just a bit more energy than before, which is good.  I’m coughing much less.  Occasionally I’ll get into small phases where I’ll start coughing and can’t really stop, but normally a cough drop takes care of that.  The inhaler I got seems to be helping after all.  1 puff in the morning, 1 in the afternoon.  I’ve also started back on my BP medication that I never should have stopped in the first place, aaaand I’m taking 1 baby aspirin each night.