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The Restless

Not being very sleepy, I decided to try a new anime I downloaded called Shaman King.  I watched the first episode and have concluded that it’s a very dorky cartoon… especially the intro sequence.  It’s very “Pokemon”-like but more dorky.

I went to hang out with James and his dad earlier.  We played Phase 10, Dice version.  Good times.

Hmmmmm… what else happened today?  Not much, really.  I took a nap.  I couldn’t imagine that being very exciting for you to read about.  Interesting dreams were involved, though… but I’ve forgotten most of them by now.

Well, technically it’s Friday now.  I wonder if I’ll hear from the Gamestop store manager today.  I hope so, but I’m also starting to get really nervous.  Natural, I suppose.

Ah, I just noticed the “Publicize” option over on the side bar.  It seems that it allows me to immediately have my blog post sent to Facebook (or other places if I want) as soon as I publish it.  That saves me a few steps and actually looks nicer on the Facebook end.  Very good.