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If you leave anywhere near Banning, CA you know about the Gus Jr. restaurant.  There are others out there but whatever.  I’m talking about the Banning one.

Long ago I went through the drive thru for breakfast and I wanted and egg and cheese burrito.  I don’t remember my exact words, but I told them that I didn’t want anything but egg and cheese.  See, normally it comes with hash browns, sausage, and bacon, all inside the burrito.  Well that’s not what I wanted.

Anyway, I got my food, and I went home, and lo-and-behold what was in my burrito?  Mountains of crunchy bacon.  I was very disappointed.

The next time I went, which was actually about a week ago or so, I remembered this.  I understand there is a bit of a language barrier, so I made it very clear.  “I would like an egg and cheese burrito.  No bacon.  No sausage.  No hash browns.  Nothing else, just egg and cheese and that’s it.”  She said something I don’t remember really… then  I said “No no, JUST eggs and cheese.”  She said “no hash browns?”.  “NO!… unless you put it on the side.  I only want egg and cheese in the burrito”.  “okay okay”.

So I pay for the food and we take it home and I open it up and and I take a big bite and guess what!!


I really wanted to call them but I wasn’t sure what good it would do.  I didn’t feel like driving all the way back there for a corrected order.

There really wasn’t any way I could have made the order any clearer.  See, I don’t hate bacon, so it wasn’t as huge of a deal as it could have been, but I thought about… what if I were vegetarian, or if I were allergic to bacon (which some people are).  It could have been a really big deal..