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It Be The Little Things… And The Big Things, Too

After looking over a few of my old blogs I realized I should probably be blogging regularly still.  Years from now, I’d like to be able to look back at old entries like this one.  What was going on my life?  What have I experienced?  How did I react?  Who did I block on Facebook?  These are the things I’ll look back on.
So, what did vertigo do today?  That’s me, by the way.  vertigo.  No, I don’t capitalize the ‘v’.  Ever.  If you ever see it capitalized somewhere, such as on justin.tv/twitch.tv, then someone else made it that way.   I am vertigo with a lowercase ‘v’.  So… what did vertigo with a lowercase ‘v’ do today?  Find out in the following pair o’ graphs.

I woke up.  Several times.  I think I woke up more times than I fell asleep, which must mean something.  What did I have for breakfast?  Oh, I had nothing.  Eventually I ate some leftovers.  I didn’t get much work done until later in the afternoon.  Even then I didn’t get much done.  I’ll get more done tomorrow I hope.

Eh, I can’t say I did a lot today.  I began building a Portal 2 co-op map.  That’s… neat.

Y’know what, I don’t really have anything interesting to say right now.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t blogged in so long that I’m just not sure what to say any more.
Can anybody give me any ideas for things I could write about in my blog?

Research Nut

I realized that a lot of my research is based off of doubting someone else’s claim.  For example, I just read a comment on Facebook in which someone said that teeth are made of bone (not exactly in that context, but the implication was made).  To most people I’m sure that sounds pretty believable, but that’s something I just have to research for myself.  In this case, as it turns out, teeth are not made of bone, so I was able to learn something through that.

Once again, I have more thoughts, but want to stop for now.

Quick One

I should blog something but it must be quick because I’m starting to have trouble keeping my eyes open.  I need sleep.

Today was Valentine’s Day.  Whoop-dee-doo.  I don’t celebrate such a ridiculous and commercially materialistic holiday.  I have no problem, however, celebrating my engagement with my now-wife.  When I planned to propose a couple of years ago, I had a decision to make.  See, I don’t care for Valentine’s Day, as you’ve already learned.  However, I wanted the proposal to be a surprise, and I didn’t want the day’s events before-hand to give it away.  If I didn’t propose on Valentine’s Day, she might have been wondering if there was some other special occasion for which I was taking her out… so JUST IN CASE, I played it off like a Valentine’s Day thing.  It worked.

Lisa surprised me by staying home from work and secretly fixing me an amazing breakfast while I slept unaware.  The surprise truly was one as if I’d known she had planned that I would not have taken two PM medications at 5 in the morning.  I was so sleepy I could barely stand.  I spent breakfast with her but had to return to bed.  I was up shortly after, showered, and we went out.  It was nice.  Regardless of the activities, I always love being with my wife.

I said this had to be quick and I’ve gone and ruined that.  I’ll change topics, because I want to mention one more thing.

Facebook.  I’ve stumbled across another utility that makes it even a bit more customizable.  It’s an extension for Firefox (I think also available for other browsers but you’re on your own there).  It’s called “Better Facebook”.  Aptly named, too.  It adds all kinds of neato options.

Anyway, look it up yourself if you wanna know more.

End of document.

Vitamin C for the Soul

I’m really not sure what the subject of this blog post is supposed to imply.  It’s really random.

I unhid most of my facebook friends a few minutes ago.  Yes, I know ‘unhid’ isn’t a real world word.  Anyway, I consider my Facebook homepage / news feed to be MY little section of the internet and every once in a while a friend will begin to post things that really bother me in one way or another.  It could be profanity, or it could simply be something I don’t agree with and certainly don’t want to argue about.  Seeing these things really stresses me out, believe it or not.  Well, they’re not going to stop just because of me, but they’re still people that have some importance to me so I don’t want to block or delete them.  In such cases, I simply hide their posts from ever appearing in my news feed.  In fact, if you’ve not gotten any comments from me on anything you’ve posted for a while, then you’ve probably been hidden.  I generally comment on a lot of things.  It’s what I do.

I’ve realized that only a few good people are compatible with my neurotic personality.  It’s probably why I have so few facebook friends.

Ah, I just got an email…

…meh, it was just junk.

I really don’t know what else to say right now.  Thanks for reading.  Bye.

Today and A Few Things

If I were to choose one word to describe the overall theme of today, it would probably be “discouragement”.  I just feel downright discouraged.  You could ask me why, but I don’t think I’d have a good answer.

I generally have a lot of negative energy to expel and I know that I can’t do it a lot on Facebook.  It becomes too overwhelming for my “friends” on there.  Since I keep a blog, this would be the appropriate place to do it.  Unfortunately, it’s difficult to write a blog unless I know people are going to read it.  It is for this reason I was never able to keep a private journal… to me, it was pointless to write to myself.

Knowing people read my blog entries would encourage me to continue to put effort into writing them, which would in turn give me a more accessible avenue for venting out those negative energies.  That being said, one way to know that people read my blogs is to get feedback.  That’s where you come in.  Thanks in advance.

If you’re reading this as a Note on Facebook, keep in mind that I don’t write “Notes” on Facebook and that the source of this blog is actually WordPress.

I’m probably going to start blogging a lot from here on out.

Before and After

I was reading over some of my old Myspace blogs.  I was practically a completely different person back then.  I didn’t take everything so freakin’ seriously.  I was a lot more fun-loving and playful… and not necessarily immature.  I was still smart and carried with me above-average wisdom (I suppose), but I was just able to have some more fun than I do now.

Now, I’m just too picky about everything.  I need to get back into the who that I was and not the who that I am, whoever that is.

I encourage you to browse through some of my old myspace blogs.  There should be a link on this page somewhere on the side (for those reading this on Facebook, you’ll need to visit my wordpress blog page for the link).

Perhaps my life could be much less stressful if I could learn to relax a bit more…

…well, DUH.


So who reads my blogs anyway?  If nobody reads my blogs, then why do I take the time to type them out?  It’s just a waste.  Yeah, I suppose I could look back on these years from now and appreciate that I wrote them, but other than that… useless.

I know these get fed through to my Facebook account, so some of my FB friends will see them… but I bet none of them ever visit my actual blog… I guess they wouldn’t see much reason to…


Facebook’s New 2010 Layout – Showing Status Updates as Default

If you’re like me and you hate Facebook’s News Feed and you just want to display the Status Updates page as your default home view like you could with the short-lived 2009 Facebook layout, well… you can’t.

…at least, not through Facebook itself.  However, if you don’t mind allowing your browser to lend a hand, then I have a “solution” for you.  It involves creating a shortcut on your browser’s “links” toolbar, or whatever it’s called.  All browsers are a little different.  I am using Firefox.

What I did was this:  When logged into Facebook, I navigated to the Status Updates page.  This can be done by clicking “Friends” on the left, and then clicking “Status Updates”.  Once you get to your Status Updates page, simply copy the URL in the address bar and save that as a shortcut.

The link should look like this:


This same link also worked for my friend, so I don’t believe it is unique to the user.  However, Facebook might decide to change that app number, so if it stops working just follow the steps above and get the URL again.

Now that you have your shortcut on your browser, you will use THAT instead of clicking “Home” at the top right of Facebook.  Say you’re looking at a friend’s photos, and you want to return home.  Just click your shortcut.  You’ll go straight to your Status Updates feed.

I haven’t found anybody else who offers a solution to this yet, so I’m pretty excited that I was able to find something, even if it’s a bit of a stretch.  So… if you find this helpful, or want to add some info that would improve this, please leave a comment and let me know.  I’d love to know if this is helpful to people :)

Side note:  After chatting with some friends I began to realize that most people don’t even know if they have the new layout yet or not.  I guess that’s what happens when Facebook changes things so often… nobody can tell what’s what any more.   Probably the easiest way to tell if you have the new layout is by checking the location of your notifications.  The old 2009 layout put notifications at the bottom right.  The new 2010 layout has them in the TOP LEFT as a little “globe” icon.


Don’t worry.  This blog has nothing to do with the movie (or the book).

It’s nice to find that I have a few new readers of my blog now that I’ve recruited a larger number of FB friends.  For those of you who read my “Notes” on FB, the actual location of my blog is https://vertigoelectric.wordpress.com.  Thanks for reading.

It’s also nice to see that people care.  It’s something I often take for granted, as I wander aimlessly through my every day life.  It’s true that I have had suicidal thoughts, even today.  On one hand, I don’t truly believe I would ever actually deliberately end my own life.  On the other hand, I become so miserable and hopeless, I don’t see anything to look forward to.

On a slightly lighter note, I want to make something clear now that I know I have new readers for my blog.  You’ll notice blog posts with subjects that contain a date exactly for years older than the date they are posted.  Let me explain briefly.   Years ago I kept a blog on myspace.  I updated it regularly, and often.  After a while, I began saving these blogs to individual files on my own server.  I eventually managed to save them and store them in a safe archive.  I did this because I did not want to risk losing them, as I have had a myspace account deleted before without any warning.  Near the beginning of November (last month), I noticed that the oldest myspace blog that I had successfully archived was dated November 10, 2005.  With the 10th of November coming up soon, I decided it would be interesting to RE-post these old myspace blogs on the exact date they were originally written, but 4 years later.  So, I have been doing exactly that.  You can easily identify these re-posted blogs by the dates in the subjects.

These blogs help me reflect, and they are also a way of sharing with you, my friends, some of the events passed.  It will help you understand me better, if you have any desire to do so.

I haven’t been posting EVERY SINGLE blog, as some of them are as short as a single sentence, though I may begin to post the short ones as well.  If you’d like to look through the archive yourself, please feel free to do so.  The link is here: http://www.vertigofx.com/myspace/_blogs/archive/

I will go to bed now.

PS:  Let me also add a disclaimer.  Some of my old blogs from years ago contain bad language.  It wasn’t often, but it is there.

Sunday Morning

Today is day 12 on Paxil.  Lisa says she’s noticing a difference, outwardly.  She says that I still get irritated but I get over it much more quickly, and she also seems to think it has improved my overall sociability.  It’s hard for me to tell from inside.

My stomach hurts this morning.  I don’t know if it’s something I ate or if it’s the medicine, or just something else completely.  I had a bowl of frosted shredded wheat cereal and some orange juice.  That’s not bad at all.

My restroom experiences have been more frequent since I started taking the Paxil.  Additionally, my poop has been more broken up and not very solid.  Too much info?  You’ll live.

I did something completely unprecedented a few days ago.  I am normally extremely picky about who I have as friends on facebook.  I only had a small handful of them.  However, I decided to go out on a limb and just add a ton of people from my “suggestions” page.  These are not exactly random people.  I may not know them, but apparently they are friends OF friends and facebook suggests that I add them, so I obliged this time around.  My number of facebook friends doubled within 24 hours.  Haha…

I’m missing church right now because I’m not feeling well…  I don’t like missing church.  I will be reading James chapter 2 today since I am staying home.



I really have no idea why I titled this blog “suite”.  I just saw the word and used it.

I’ve been home for about an hour and a half and I’ve really not done much.  I’ve given my blog a new header and I’ve commented a few posts on Facebook.  Yay me.

Lisa will be home in about and hour and soon after that we’ll be on our way to go see my cousins.  I’m excited about it but it doesn’t show.  I’m kinda tired.  As I said before, it’s amazing how tired you can get from doing practically nothing all day.  Then again, I do work with a bunch of little kids.  I had an interesting time trying to explain the concept of the mouse/cursor to a kindergartener today.  She didn’t quite get it.

I’ve been thinking about starting a YouTube series.  I’ve got this awesome camera my wife gave me for my birthday and I haven’t really used it for anything worthwhile yet.  I was thinking I could just talk about some things that are on my mind from time to time… sorta like a video log.  Though, it would be mostly me ranting about things I think suck.  I dunno.  I would love to get some ideas from you guys regarding things you’d like me to talk about or address.

Day 10,302

I haven’t read any scripture yet today, but I will definitely do so when I get to work.  I think I noticed today’s passages are from Haggai.  I’ll let you know what I get from them.  I never got much from yesterday’s readings.  I hope God will show me something this time.

Last night I vented to Lisa like never before.  No, it was nothing directed at her.  It was a great outlet though, I think.  I went on about how I don’t feel like God loves me, and that I just wish he would show himself or do something in my life that would be some kind of sign to me that he is here.  My brain reminds me that he loves me, and that he’s here, but the point is that I don’t feel it.  I also went on about other things and really “stuck it to the man”, I guess one might say.  I really hope God was listening.  It was mostly directed at him.  Think of it as cries of desperation… without the actual crying.

I’m going to try to keep the ‘bad news’ and ‘complaints’ to a minimum today.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that all day but I’ll try.  If something really ridiculous comes up, I’ll have no choice but to blog about it.

If you’re reading this through my Facebook, be sure to check out that Metallicats video I favorited on YouTube.  Should show on my FB wall.  It’s really great in a very dorky way.  In fact, you should watch all of the videos that I favorite.  I favorite them for a reason!  If you think they are stupid or funny or boring or whatever, leave a comment and tell me.  They’re not my videos, but I still want to know your thoughts.

Well I better go get ready for work.  I’ve been leaving for work a little earlier each day lately so that I could get some breakfast on the way.  I’ll be adding to my Del Inferno collection.

BTW here’s the little calculator I used to quickly calculate the number of days I’ve been alive (used in the subject line): http://www.beatcanvas.com/daysalive.asp