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Before and After

I was reading over some of my old Myspace blogs.  I was practically a completely different person back then.  I didn’t take everything so freakin’ seriously.  I was a lot more fun-loving and playful… and not necessarily immature.  I was still smart and carried with me above-average wisdom (I suppose), but I was just able to have some more fun than I do now.

Now, I’m just too picky about everything.  I need to get back into the who that I was and not the who that I am, whoever that is.

I encourage you to browse through some of my old myspace blogs.  There should be a link on this page somewhere on the side (for those reading this on Facebook, you’ll need to visit my wordpress blog page for the link).

Perhaps my life could be much less stressful if I could learn to relax a bit more…

…well, DUH.


I was about to mention that I got home very late last night, but technically it was this morning, as I believe it was shortly after 1am.  What was I doing?  Well, I was playing TimeSplitters: Future Perfect.  Matt picked up the game last week when we went to Game Stop, which seems to be someplace we go more often than I think we probably should.

timesplitters-future-perfect-78194431356Anyway, this game just blew me away.  It’s probably one of the most fun and comical games I’ve ever played… well… probably in my life.  It’s a fairly old game, but it is surprisingly smooth and quick to load, as well as virtually glitch-free.  So far I’ve only noticed a single glitch, and it was a visual thing (I was able to see my opponent through a wall at a certain angle).

I am also blown away by the sheer flexibility of the game.  It has more options and more styles of gameplay than any other game I’ve ever played.  The more I play it, the more I discover how much more it has to offer.  There are so many different kinds of modes, from single-player challenges or story mode (of course) to multiplayer co-op or arcade, all which have a plethora of settings.  There is even a level designer.

Along with all of the different ways to play, there’s a multitude of characters to choose from (when playing multiplayer, which by the way is up to 4 players).  LOTS of characters, and I noticed last night that we still don’t even have half of them unlocked!  The characters are weird and hilarious, too.

Anyway, this wasn’t meant to be a full review on a game.  I was just gonna mentioned that I was up late playing it because it was so fun.  It’s the reason I’m so tired today.