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My grandma made the best applie pie in the world.  Yes I know… everybody’s grandma makes the best apple pie in the world.  The only difference between mine and others is that… well… mine actually DID make the best applie pie in the world.  The secret was in the crust… or rather, it WAS the crust.  My mother knows how to make it… and from time to time, such as special occasions like my birthday, she’ll make an apple pie similar to the way grandma used to.  I’ve been trying to get the recipe but it never happened…

Last night we all went to my aunt/uncle’s house for dinner and stuff, and she had made an applie pie, and used my grandma’s recpie for the crust!  (or at least, a close enough variation of it)…  and she gave me the little recipe for it, too.  Only had to ask once!  Guess my aunt is nicer than my mother (mother’s brother’s wife, btw).

So today Lisa and I went shopping and we got lots of needed groceries and among those were ingredients for the best apple pie in the world… errr… well… except we got cherries, so we’re gonna make it a cherry pie instead.  I know… not the same… but like I said… the secret was in the crust, so it doesn’t REALLY matter what’s in the middle :)