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Quick One

I should blog something but it must be quick because I’m starting to have trouble keeping my eyes open.  I need sleep.

Today was Valentine’s Day.  Whoop-dee-doo.  I don’t celebrate such a ridiculous and commercially materialistic holiday.  I have no problem, however, celebrating my engagement with my now-wife.  When I planned to propose a couple of years ago, I had a decision to make.  See, I don’t care for Valentine’s Day, as you’ve already learned.  However, I wanted the proposal to be a surprise, and I didn’t want the day’s events before-hand to give it away.  If I didn’t propose on Valentine’s Day, she might have been wondering if there was some other special occasion for which I was taking her out… so JUST IN CASE, I played it off like a Valentine’s Day thing.  It worked.

Lisa surprised me by staying home from work and secretly fixing me an amazing breakfast while I slept unaware.  The surprise truly was one as if I’d known she had planned that I would not have taken two PM medications at 5 in the morning.  I was so sleepy I could barely stand.  I spent breakfast with her but had to return to bed.  I was up shortly after, showered, and we went out.  It was nice.  Regardless of the activities, I always love being with my wife.

I said this had to be quick and I’ve gone and ruined that.  I’ll change topics, because I want to mention one more thing.

Facebook.  I’ve stumbled across another utility that makes it even a bit more customizable.  It’s an extension for Firefox (I think also available for other browsers but you’re on your own there).  It’s called “Better Facebook”.  Aptly named, too.  It adds all kinds of neato options.

Anyway, look it up yourself if you wanna know more.

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