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Benadryl. Either it doesn’t work or it works too much.

So, lately I have been getting to bed way too late and sleeping until noon or later.  Unfortunately, this is a problem because in order for me to get enough work done for the day I should really start closer to 10am.  However, I’ve been having a hard time adjusting my sleep schedule because I’m just not getting sleepy early enough.

The night before last I decided to try some Benadryl.  I just took one.  I never really felt it “kick in”, but I went to bed and eventually fell asleep.  I woke up several times, had trouble getting back to sleep each of those times, and overall it didn’t really seem to help much.  I did get to bed a little earlier than usual, but I don’t think it had anything to do with the Benadryl.  I just chose to go to bed early.  The Benadryl was supposed to make the sleeping easier, which it didn’t seem to.  It wasn’t a very restful sleep.

Last night I decided to go with 2 Benadryl tablets.  This time I could feel it start to “kick in” shortly afterward, and I went to bed, where I fell asleep and had a very restful sleep.  I don’t think I woke up at all until morning when Lisa was getting ready for work, and even then I passed out again right away.  A couple hours later I woke up.  I looked at the clock and realized that I had enough sleep so I got up and walked around… but after a few minutes I realized I wasn’t ready.  I couldn’t function.  I had to get back in bed… so I did.  By the time I actually got up to stay I had slept for about 12 hours.  THAT’S TOO MUCH!  Not normally a big deal but in this case the whole purpose of making myself sleep earlier was so that I could get up at a decent time.  It doesn’t help for me to go to bed 2 hours earlier if I’m going to just sleep 4 hours more!   …or whatever.  That was just an example.

Anyway… that’s that.   I don’t think I can get in the number of hours of work today that I should have been able to.   Yeah I know I’m typing a blog when I should be working, but this really doesn’t take long.

Speaking of typing blogs, I need to try to get into the habit of posting blogs when I have stories to share rather than posting them as Facebook news posts.

Rise and Shine

For those of you who don’t know, I am a web developer/programmer.  It’s my job.  It’s how I pay bills and eat foods.  Anyway, as a web developer I set my own schedule/hours.  It’s kinda tough.  I’m naturally very irresponsible and lazy.  It’s helping me mature in that area, though.

Anyway, I’m very behind in hours because of a few things.  First, we had a week vacation.  This was planned and I worked extra the week before to help make up for the time I’d be gone.  I planned to work more the week after as well.  What I DID NOT plan was to have freakin’ jury duty as soon as we get back… jury duty that lasted almost two weeks.  That cut into my work time drastically, so I got very little done during that time.

After the jury duty, my boss then had a week long trip where he would be off the grid.  Without being able to reach him (or the client, for that matter), I quickly reached a point in my work where I was unsure how to continue without more direction or feedback, and workflow came to a halt once again.

So it’s basically been a month with very little work done.  I’m so far behind I’m almost going backward.

I’m going to skip a few details and blah blah blah.  So here we are today.  I have some work to do but today I need to run errands with my sister.  It will probably take a good chunk of the day.  Technically I could have told her NO but we have things we really should take care of.

Oh heavy sigh.