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Bright or Not

So, last night, when I was at Matt’s, we were leaving to go to Target and as i walked out the door I noticed my shades were on top of the TV.  “We’re coming back, and I’ll grab them then”, I said to myself.  He even said “hey, you want your shades?”, and I shrugged it off because I wanted to hurry out the door.

Long story short, I don’t have my shades today.  Yeah… I left them.  I had a very strong feeling at that moment when I had the opportunity to put them in my car that I really should have, but I did not.  All hail the village idiot, eh?

In case you didn’t know, my shades are quite important to me.  I consider my eyes fairly sensitive and on really bright, cloudless days like today, they’re practically vital for survival (okay maybe that’s a slight exaggeration).  I’ll have to get them from him later, I guess.  Oh well… this will encourage me to stay in after work and take a nap instead of going out somewhere.  I do need a nap…

Are you kidding? Spellcheck, perhaps?

So, I found this website that’s supposed to be a Christian version of MySpace and was checking it out.  I decided to sign up, though now I don’t know why.  Anyway, once I logged in and was taken to my home page, there is this image right there on the front that you can’t miss:


In this single image alone, I see at least 3 horrible spelling errors.  It’s one thing to make a typo.  It’s another thing to create a web banner of some kind that is meant to be seen by many, MANY people that make up the general public and not even have the notion to maybe run a spell check or something before making it public!