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Quick Summary of a Full Day

I wanna get to bed but first I’ll quickly update my blog with highlights from today’s adventures.

Woke up early and got a bit of work done.  Picked up my sister and we ran a few errands and had breakfast/lunch at Hometown Buffet.  Pretty nice early in the morning when all the annoying kids are in school.  We went to Costco where I signed up for my first membership there and then proceeded to purchase a few things.  I had $70 in Costco cash cards and nearly spent it all on only a few items.

Later I completed my first custom Portal 2 test chamber, then had dinner.  After dinner I wanted to watch Ethan play my level but his Portal 2 wouldn’t load the custom content.  While he redownloaded Portal 2 we each took a shot at playing Slender, which is far more horrifying to play than I am usually willing to admit.  Honestly if I were by myself in a dark room playing the game with the audio turned up I would be absolutely terrified.

Ethan eventually got his Portal 2 to load the content properly but he only had a few minutes to try the first part of my custom level before he had to get to bed.  Sigh.
So now here I am and I’m going to get ready for bed now.
Also FYI I left out a lot of possibly interesting details.  Meh?

Testing, Testing, One, Two, Three

It’s nice to have a wife who is a medical assistant.  She has arranged for me to come into her office today and take some tests to see what’s going on inside me.  Want my honest opinion?  I think I have walking pneumonia.  I’ve had ‘actual’ pneumonia at least twice before in my life so it wouldn’t be too surprising for me to get it again.  I’ve got the symptoms, and just because I can walk around and do some normal things doesn’t mean I can’t have “walking” pneumonia.  Why do you think they call it that?

We’ll see.  As of right now, I think I need some lunch.

Lunch for March 25, 2009

So, today I got a Subway sandwich for lunch.  I figured it was healthier (and cheaper) than a pizza.  Plus, it’s still delicious.  Num nums!  I got a footlong “Subway Melt”, as they call it on the menu.  It’s got turkey, ham, and bacon.  It’s pretty good.

Remember the subway guy “Jared”, or “Jarrod”, or “Gerrid”… however you spell it… he was their Subway Diet Weightloss Mascot guy.  Anyway, my friend James says that the real reason the guy lost all the weight is because he has AIDS.  I haven’t researched this myself, so don’t quote me on it, but it wouldn’t really surprise me…  go ahead and look it up, and let me know what you find.  I’m gonna finish my lunch now.