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Mysterious Tech Troubles: S01E00: Pilot

Some of my friends already know this about me already.  I am afflicted by a strange curse.  This curse causes technology that I use to exhibit unusual, inexplicable, and nonsensical problems.  I’m just not talking about the typical problems people have such as low performance, limited storage capacities, or even virus issues.  I’m mostly talking about problems that really make no sense at all and show themselves spontaneously without any particular trigger or provocation.  I know what you’re probably thinking.  You’re probably thinking there’s obviously got to be some kind of logical cause and explanation for each problem that I encounter, and the practical, objective side of my brain would agree with you.  However, until someone can actually find those causes or explanations and share them with me, I’m calling it a curse.

I have finally decided to start logging each of these issues as they occur, or in this case, I’ll be blogging.

Even though this is just the pilot episode meant to introduce you to some of the details of this curse, I’ll tell you about a problem that happened to me only moments ago…

It was about 3:20am and I was diligently working my job. I had several windows open and was focused on a thought when I decided to unplug the cable from my mouse.  I have a Logitech G700s gaming mouse the functions both with or without the wire.  I plug it in to charge it.  It doesn’t really hold a charge as long as my previous mouse, so I tend to just leave it plugged in even when it isn’t necessary.  Tonight, however, I wanted to reduce the extra ‘drag’ caused by the wire and unplugged it.  Normally when I do this the mouse might stop for a second, but then it would go back to normal and it’d be like nothing happened.  Such wasn’t the case this time.

I unplugged the mouse from the cable, and as expected, it stopped moving for a brief moment and then I could move it again, but then something unexpected happened… I was no longer able to click on anything other than the application I was focused on when I unplugged the mouse.  No matter where I clicked or moved the mouse on the screen, there was no response or feedback whatsoever.  Couldn’t click anything.  Couldn’t even get apps to recognize the mouse at all… except just the one I was focused on previously.

I plugged the mouse back in.  Figured maybe if I just go back to the way it was a few minutes ago, I can continue my work.  Nope.  The problem persisted.  Already having completely lost my train of thought and now thoroughly frustrated with this ridiculous interruption, I decided to go grab Lisa’s much less fancy wireless mouse and use that for now.  I got the mouse, plugged in the receiver and… hmmm… why isn’t this working…. wait, the USB hub I plugged the receiver to isn’t working.  Why not?  Is it not plugged in?  Yeah, it’s plugged in.  I guess I’ll unplug it and plug it back in.  Okay now it’s working… now let’s plug the receiver in and use Lisa’s mouse so I can continue my work.


The problem persisted… even with a completely different mouse.  I realize that it’s not the physical mouse with the problem but rather something with the drivers/software that operates the mouse.  I guess I thought that using a different mouse would use a different generic mouse driver or something.  Maybe not, though.  Either way, I didn’t see any way to fix the problem… except to reboot the PC.

Rebooting the PC is quite a hassle… especially when it interrupts my work.  As mentioned before, I’ve got several windows open and I’m looking at certain lines of code within specific files and it’s just extra trouble to have to get it all back up again.  Plus, for some unknown reason, my Windows takes an incredibly long time to start up (which, by the way, is another mystery that I might talk about at some point).

Anyway, after the PC booted up again, the mouse worked normally again.  My displays, however… well, perhaps I’ll talk about that in another episode.