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I was in the ER last night

Pain, panic, stress, dizziness, trouble breathing, anxiety, nervousness…

These are all things that I would have been feeling if I were David last night when I had to drive him to the ER around midnight.  Oh, did you think I was there because of me?  Oh, no no no… I’m okay.  It’s my friend David.  Turns out he’s got some pneumonia kickin’ it old school in his lungs.

I know I’m making light of the subject, but it’s only because I know he’ll be okay.  He’s miserable as all get out (what the heck does that mean, anyway?), but he’ll live.  We were there for over two hours, though, and most of it was spent waiting.  If there’s one thing I know about this kind of waiting, it’s that anxiety sets in like a mother.  I’m just glad I could be there by his side through the whole thing… it was almost bromantic.  Okay, not really.  I’M NOT GAY!  You shut up.

So anyway…