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Oh Yeah… The Tree.

Sometimes when I sit down and prepare to write a blog, I think of all the things I want to share but when it gets down to it I feel too lazy to get into every detail.  I’ll use a semi-summarized version.

Soooooo…. yesterday Lisa and I went out to see my friend Lisa K.  After that we went to Costco.  I wanted to stop by Costco since it was on the way and we needed some more plastic drinking cups.  On our way to Costco we first stopped at a Christmas Tree… place.  I’m not sure what you’d call it.  We looked around at some of the trees and checked some of the prices.  Lisa wanted a real tree this year, and I am more than okay with that.  Unfortunately, I really didn’t want to stick around too long because I had to pee something awful and I didn’t see any restrooms there.  We headed back over to Costco.  Also it was raining… a little.

For the record, we only wanted a small tree.  At that place, a small douglas fir was about $20 and I don’t think that includes a stand.  I saw that the medium/smallish sized stands were almost just as much.  The noble fir was more expensive, which I think is normal.

Anyway, moving on…  So we went to Costco and I finally got to pee.  YES!  We then casually pushed a cart around.

(skipping more details)

I stop in the aisle so Lisa can go look at something and while standing there a woman ten feet away was announcing the fact that they had real Oregon Christmas trees.  I asked about them and they were selling Oregon-grown noble firs WITH the stands… for $22.

Sooooo…. we bought one and brought it home and now it’s in our living room.  The end!  Perhaps I’ll post a photo once it’s decorated a bit.  We’re going to keep it simple.

Rude Awakenings

Ah, I shall describe my morning thus far.

So far, I’ve spent a great deal of time lying in bed trying to continue my sleep.  However, when you’re wheezing and gasping for air, sleep doesn’t like to show itself.  Eventually, as the sun was starting to come out for the day, I decided to just get up.

I forgot to mention that I had also woken up much earlier and found that my phone was back to normal after the transfer finished.  So that’s good.  I went back to bed at that point, though.

Anyway, I’m back up again and I come to the computer to find that Kloe had pooped on the floor near the door.  It was stinking up the room.  That, and she left a puddle of urine in the middle of the blanket on top of the air mattress I’ve been keeping in here (computer room).

I grabbed a plastic bag to pick up the poop, but it was kinda difficult because I’m already having trouble breathing, especially without coughing and choking.  Throw in a mild poop-stench in the mix and now I’m really having a blast.  Blegh.  Oh yeah, I turned on the window AC to pull in fresh air from outside and also began burning some incense to help get rid of the odor.

So I toss the poop in the trash outside and come back in to take care of the blanket.  I began to pull and lift it and notice that it’s dripping.  Lovely.  So I’m standing there holding this blanket and I push it away from me and hold it over the mattress and look down to make sure I’m not dripping on the floor…

I wasn’t dripping urine on the floor but I did notice an adult-sized black widow crawling away, which was apparently using the blanket for shelter and I had rudely disturbed it.  Shame on me.  WHAT THE HECK WAS A BLACK WIDOW DOING THERE?!  If you know me, you know I’m not afraid of spiders, but I do maintain a fairly healthy respect for creatures that can harm humans.  As you can imagine, it was at least a tad bit disturbing to find a black widow randomly hanging out in a place where I take naps.

What’s more disturbing is how I think it got there.  I don’t think it came into the room on its own and made a home by the air mattress.  See, the other day I noticed that the blanket I had on there had cat pee on it.  I took that to the laundry and grabbed a new blanket out of our bedroom closet.  The only reasonable theory I can come up with is that the black widow was on the blanket in the dark closet… on the blanket that I grabbed and hugged against my body as I carried it through the house… on the blanket that I flung out over the mattress… on the blanket that I napped on several times.  Not cool.

Well, this now catches me up to the present time, so I’ll publish this post.


We actually didn’t do that web page training thing today at work.  I guess it’s going to be next week instead.

I think I made it until about 7pm this evening when I saw “your” used improperly again.  I’m telling you, I see it every day.  It’s not a typo, either.  These people really don’t know how to use “you’re”.  I also saw it a few times after that, as well.  It’s so annoying.

By the way, if you ever see me use a word incorrectly or spell something incorrectly, please tell me.  I, unlike the other ignorant idiots in the world, would actually like to know the proper way.  Unless it’s just a typo… I do make typos all the time… especially when I’m at work and I can only get to my blog and facebook through a remote window which has a slow response time and makes it difficult to type and even more difficult to correct mistakes.

Well, as the subject here implies, it is bedtime.  Lisa and I played Soul Calibur IV for a little while.  That game really is a lot of fun.  Shura FTW!

I guess I don’t really have anything else to say…. OH oh… I’ve been coughing a lot lately.  It’s strange how I was super sick for over a week, heavily congested, and barely coughing.  Now that I am feeling better, and hardly congested at all, I can barely stop coughing.  It really doesn’t make much sense to me.

I watched a few more of those FAIL toy reviews.  Some of them are really pretty funny.  I can’t believe some of the toys that were put on the market.  Some of them are so blatantly inappropriate, it’s surprising the companies don’t get sued… that I know of, anyway.

Well, time to pee and go to bed… in that order.