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Nap time

Well I just got home from work, and you’d be surprised how tiring it can be to do nearly nothing all day.  I’m gonna slip into something a bit more comfortable and douse my insides with Nyquil.  Then I’m going to check the bed for bugs and evict any found tenants and move in.

Later on, maybe I’ll post a picture of socks for you.  It’s the least I can do.


ATARI 5200


Bunny Suicide 11




Best Parking Spot

Here at the school we don’t have a very big parking lot.  It’s not tiny, but it certainly isn’t like the parking lot at Six Flags.  Anyway, if you can see the picture below, you’ll see that the parking lot is on the corner of the block.  It’s the NW corner, and it’s somewhat shaped like a triangle.  Well, the entrance to the school is over towards where the big trees are shown on the right edge of the picture.  You can see steps leading to the sidewalk.   Since this is where everybody generally comes and goes, parking as close to this as possible is ideal, so people generally try park as close to the NE point of the triangle-shaped parking lot as they can.  If you look at that north-most row of cars in the top left of the picture, it would be to the right of that.  Anyway, as you can see, there are some empty spaces.  Well, the area closest to the entrance is a blue-line, no-parking area (you can see this in my previous post No Parking).  The spot next to that is the handicap parking spot that the blue lines are there for, and then finally next to that is just a normal parking space that says “COMPACT”.

Well, for some reason, people very rarely park there.  I can pull into the parking lot, and sometimes every spot will be taken except for that one, so I park there.  It’s the best parking space in the whole parking lot (even better than the administration spots that have their own labels likes “Principal, Secretary, Clerk, etc…”

It seems that people think it’s a handicap spot for some reason, and probably because the spaces are angled.  Because of the angle, the blue handicap sign does kinda look like it might be meant for that space, but it totally isn’t.  In fact, my car is parked there right now.  :)


Random Mobile Photo Post

Do you think it’s weird that i took this picture while sitting on the toilet? Haha…

Bunny Suicide 10


Random Mobile Photo Post

So tough on stains, it must be made from a mother’s spit.

Are you kidding? Spellcheck, perhaps?

So, I found this website that’s supposed to be a Christian version of MySpace and was checking it out.  I decided to sign up, though now I don’t know why.  Anyway, once I logged in and was taken to my home page, there is this image right there on the front that you can’t miss:


In this single image alone, I see at least 3 horrible spelling errors.  It’s one thing to make a typo.  It’s another thing to create a web banner of some kind that is meant to be seen by many, MANY people that make up the general public and not even have the notion to maybe run a spell check or something before making it public!