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And so it begins…

As you may or may not know (DUH), our LL (landlord) is  a real piece of work.

Anyway, Lisa and I just bought a house, and escrow will be closing soon, so we put in our 30 day notice to our LL.  This is both a wonderful relief as well as a nightmare.  See, it’s a relief because it’s the final piece to the puzzle in regards to us officially leaving this place.  However, it’s a nightmare because this now means that the LL will begin to harass us from here on out.

I’m not going to get into all of the reasons why the LL has shown to us how crazy she is.  I will summarize, though.  We began renting this unit one year ago yesterday, though I didn’t move in until we were married in June.  Anyway, during that time, two couples have rented the adjacent unit.  The last tenants had two small daughters.

We are quiet tenants who cherish our privacy.   We don’t cause any problems, and we pay our rent on time.  From what we could tell, our neighbor-tenants were about the same.  The last guy was project-oriented, so he was always working on something, which meant he wasn’t as quiet, but it wasn’t anything that would affect the LL.

Anywho, as our time here went on, we began to notice that the LL tends to pry and the things she does and says tend to feel somewhat invasive.  She also seems to like to tell us how to live in the house, telling us things like “you need to vacuum more” and “you forgot to take the trash out”.  Okay, I’m starting to get into the details I said I would avoid.  Oh, I will tell you that she once called me to tell me that Lisa and I are not to be taking a shower together in that shower because it is not meant to withstand the weight of two people.  Oh yes, she absolutely told me that.

Basically, the LL is a crazy old woman who is very cocky, condescending, and probably very bipolar.  In both cases of the couples who previously rented the adjacent unit, she has made the women cry.  The last guy, the project oriented one, lost his job.  He and his family, including the two little girls, had to sell most of their stuff and move into an RV.  While they were cleaning the unit, the LL came by and yelled at him while he was cleaning the stove, telling him he’s not doing it right.

Since those tenants left, there have been a number of people coming by to look at the vacant unit.  I turned a few of them away, warning them about the landlord.  Recently, the FOR RENT signs disappeared, meaning someone will be moving in soon.  I feel very sorry for those people.

Well, let me fast-forward to yesterday.  Yesterday was a momentous day because it is the day that Lisa would deliver our 30-day notice to the LL.  Side note:  Lisa usually does most of the interactions with the LL only because the LL stresses me out so much and makes me so angry, it would probably be too much for me to handle.  It’s like that for Lisa, too, except the reason Lisa does it for me is because she is able to let it go more quickly.  She gets upset about it, but then she’s able to move one.  For me, it would ruin my day… possibly a few days.  In fact, what I’m about to tell you practically ruined my whole night just by Lisa telling me about it.

Okay, so here’s what happened.  Lisa went to deliver the 30-day notice in person.  When she met the LL at her home, there were some friendly greetings exchanged.  Nothing abnormal.  Lisa gets to the point and lets her know that we are moving.  If you know Lisa, you know very well that it is not possible for her to say anything in a mean or unkind tone.  Regardless, the LL’s response was to rudely snatch the envelope from my wife’s hand, say “I know, now get out of my damn house”, then turn her back and walk away.  Provoked?  I think not.

We got a little notepad and I had Lisa write down what had happened.  We are going to be documenting every interaction we have with the LL from here on out.  We should have been doing this from the start, but we were too naive to think it would be that big of a deal.

Escrow is supposed to close on the 22nd.  Oh man, I can’t wait to get out of here.