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Some Questions from Some Questionnaire

A friend posted these questions on Facebook so I decided I’d play along and answer them, but instead of posting the answers to Facebook I’m blogging them here.


1. Any scars?

2. Who do you like?
Everybody in the world minus the people I don’t like or have an opinion about.

3. Kissed anyone?
I’m married.  Do the math.

4. Coke or Pepsi?

5. Someone you hate?

6. Best friends?
Well, I suppose we’re friends but we’re not especially close or anything… I’d have to get to know you a lot better.

7. Dream job!?
I don’t really dream about my job much…

8. Ever been in love?
How generic ARE these questions, anyway?

9. Last time you cried?
Apparently, VERY generic.

10. Favorite color?

11. Height?

12. Birthday ?
Yes.  I have one of these.  I think most people do.

13: Eye color?
You do?  I color sometimes, too.

14. Hair color?
Black… and people care about this why?

15. What do you love?

16. Obsession?
…is key.

17. If you had one wish, what would it be?
I’d wish for a better questionnaire… or maybe the ability to shapeshift… or teleport… but most likely the questionnaire.

18. Do you love someone?
Why do we keep going back to this?

19. Kiss or hug?
Kiss.  I’m not a fan of white chocolate.

20. Nicknames people call you?

21. Favorite song?
Oh!  I know this one…

22. Favorite band?
I listen to them all the time….?

23. Worst thing that ever happened to you?
Yeah, that sucked… big time.

24. Best thing that ever happened to you?
Oh that was awesome for sure!!

25. Something you would change about yourself?
Wait, was I supposed to be telling you what these things are?  …because I’ve just been imagining them and typing my responses…  I suppose I would change… how I’m answering these questions.

26. Ever dated someone?
No.  yes.  Well, yes, of course.  Wait… yes.

27. Worst mistake?
I don’t have a worst mistake… I have a best one, though… but you didn’t ask for that.

28. Watch a movie or read a book?
Maybe after I’m done answering these questions.

29. Ever had a heartbreak?
Ever had a nose break?  Yeah.  Keep asking these.

30. Favorite TV show?
Finally a question worth answering.  No, I lied.  I like anime a lot.  That’s my answer.

31. Best day of your life?
…hasn’t happened yet.

32. Special talents?
I have plenty.  Wanna see?

33. Do you ever wish you could start your life over?
I do it all the time… every day when I wake up.

34. Any bad habits?
Is being the only circle in a group of squares considered a bad habit?

35. Ever had a near death experience?
Yeah and it almost killed me.

36. Someone I can tell everything to?
You can’t tell anything to anyone.

37. Ever lost a loved one?
Yes.  It was awful.  I lost a few twos and threes also.  I loved those so much…

38. Do you believe in love?
Clearly a teenager wrote these questions.

39. Someone you miss?

40. How’s your heart feeling?
Warm, wet, and squishy, I’m sure.

41. Someone I want to hug right now?
How would I know who you want to hug?

42. Any sister or brother?
Oh brother…

43. Lefty or righty?

44. Favorite animal?

45. Favorite place?

46. Ever been cheated on?
What am I?  A math test?

47. Are you okay?