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Don’t worry.  This blog has nothing to do with the movie (or the book).

It’s nice to find that I have a few new readers of my blog now that I’ve recruited a larger number of FB friends.  For those of you who read my “Notes” on FB, the actual location of my blog is https://vertigoelectric.wordpress.com.  Thanks for reading.

It’s also nice to see that people care.  It’s something I often take for granted, as I wander aimlessly through my every day life.  It’s true that I have had suicidal thoughts, even today.  On one hand, I don’t truly believe I would ever actually deliberately end my own life.  On the other hand, I become so miserable and hopeless, I don’t see anything to look forward to.

On a slightly lighter note, I want to make something clear now that I know I have new readers for my blog.  You’ll notice blog posts with subjects that contain a date exactly for years older than the date they are posted.  Let me explain briefly.   Years ago I kept a blog on myspace.  I updated it regularly, and often.  After a while, I began saving these blogs to individual files on my own server.  I eventually managed to save them and store them in a safe archive.  I did this because I did not want to risk losing them, as I have had a myspace account deleted before without any warning.  Near the beginning of November (last month), I noticed that the oldest myspace blog that I had successfully archived was dated November 10, 2005.  With the 10th of November coming up soon, I decided it would be interesting to RE-post these old myspace blogs on the exact date they were originally written, but 4 years later.  So, I have been doing exactly that.  You can easily identify these re-posted blogs by the dates in the subjects.

These blogs help me reflect, and they are also a way of sharing with you, my friends, some of the events passed.  It will help you understand me better, if you have any desire to do so.

I haven’t been posting EVERY SINGLE blog, as some of them are as short as a single sentence, though I may begin to post the short ones as well.  If you’d like to look through the archive yourself, please feel free to do so.  The link is here: http://www.vertigofx.com/myspace/_blogs/archive/

I will go to bed now.

PS:  Let me also add a disclaimer.  Some of my old blogs from years ago contain bad language.  It wasn’t often, but it is there.


So I really didn’t sleep too well… or actually, it wasn’t that bad, but… I was supposed to sleep in today.  I woke up around 6am and I absolutely could not get back to sleep.  It wasn’t like I wasn’t tired, either.  I was very, very sleepy… but my body/mind refused to shut down.  I got up, got on Facebook for a bit, DID THE DISHES (yeah, really weird), and I watched Ong Bak II, which I discovered was available via VOD through Amazon.

Anyway, so here I am.

I’ve been playing around with some websites that are supposed to help get more readers for my blog (or any blog)… one of them is BlogSurfer.us.  The site says that their search will automatically pick up my blog if I mention “blogsurfer.us” in my post… so here it is for the third time: “blogsurfer.us”.  Let’s see if it works.

The funny thing about all this is that it’s not like I’m getting regular readers for my blog… they just generate views or something.  I remember back in March there was like one day when my blog got almost 6,000 views.  What the heck?  Six THOUSAND?  It actually really threw off my stats graph because it was such a huge difference from the other days, which were under 100 normally.

Aaaanyway… who cares?  Haha…

But hey, whether you have something to say or not, do me a favor and leave a comment to let me know you’ve read this blog post.  I’d really appreciate it a lot!  Oh, and if I don’t know you please let me know how you found my blog, too.  I find that kind of stuff really interesting!  Thanks!

Thursday Morning

Wouldn’t it be nice if I came up with more clever subject lines like I used to?  It would also be nice if I got some more comments to my blogs.  I’d really appreciate it, guys.  Blogging is a great outlet for me but it’s a glass-is-half-full thing.  It really helps to know I have readers who are taking an interest in what I blog about.

Also, feel free to leave me a comment telling me the kinds of things you want me to talk about.  I know the blog is supposed to be about me, but what kinds of things can I talk about that would interest you more?  Tell me.

Anyway, it’s Thursday morning (duh) and I’m about to go get ready for work.  I wanna leave a bit early so I can stop by Del Taco or something again.

So uh… yeah.  I’m gonna go.

End of Document.