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Playing Games

Today I got my Xbox 360 controller wireless receiver for PC.  Now I can use any wireless Xbox 360 controller with my PC.  This is great.  The controller I’ve been using is absolute garbage.

I’ve been playing some more Sonic Generations with a good controller now, and it really is more fun.  Plus the game started saving my data, which is great, too.  I’ve started to record some of my gameplay, and I’ve been considering starting a dedicated YouTube channel to upload those videos.  I’m not sure if I will.  Do you think I should?

Here’s one of my first videos:

I saw a video online of someone getting a score of 1220.2 or something like that.  I haven’t seen anybody do any better than my 1220.7 so if you can find a video of someone doing better (without any cheating), then I’d love to see it.

New Personal Record

I have officially set a new personal record for most blogs in a single month, and we still have almost a full week to go before the month is over.  This entry you are reading now marks the 76th blog entry for the month of March, 2009, making it my most blogged month ever.  The previous record was in January of 2007, when I posted 74 blogs.