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Phone Woes

So my sister texted me to tell me about this game I should try for Droid.  I thought I’d try it so I connected my phone to my PC via USB so I could put the game on it that way.  After copying the file, I disconnected the cable and something went wrong.  Something happened that has not happened to me before.

I saw a new icon in the notification bar of my Droid.  When I investigated, I found it said “SD card is damaged.  You may need to reformat.”  This was not good news.

I looked for solutions online, and most people were saying to transfer the contents of the card to the computer for backup and then reformat the card.  Well, I couldn’t seem to do that.  When I connect the phone to the PC via USB and try to turn on USB storage to access the card, it doesn’t work.  I tried removing the card and using a card reader, but the computer never saw it.  None of this was okay.

I booted the phone into recovery mode to see if there was anything there I could do.  I noticed an option called “Mount USB Mass Storage”.  I chose that, and immediately the files all popped up on my PC.  Without delay, I quickly used Unstoppable Copier to back up all the contents of the SD card to my computer.  I then reformatted the card, and I am now putting the contents back onto the card.

Copying the files back on seems to be taking much, much longer.  Might take a couple of hours.  Guess I could go watch a movie or something.  Just can’t use my phone until it’s all done.

I was supposed to call James.  It will have to wait, I guess :(