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Day 10,302

I haven’t read any scripture yet today, but I will definitely do so when I get to work.  I think I noticed today’s passages are from Haggai.  I’ll let you know what I get from them.  I never got much from yesterday’s readings.  I hope God will show me something this time.

Last night I vented to Lisa like never before.  No, it was nothing directed at her.  It was a great outlet though, I think.  I went on about how I don’t feel like God loves me, and that I just wish he would show himself or do something in my life that would be some kind of sign to me that he is here.  My brain reminds me that he loves me, and that he’s here, but the point is that I don’t feel it.  I also went on about other things and really “stuck it to the man”, I guess one might say.  I really hope God was listening.  It was mostly directed at him.  Think of it as cries of desperation… without the actual crying.

I’m going to try to keep the ‘bad news’ and ‘complaints’ to a minimum today.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that all day but I’ll try.  If something really ridiculous comes up, I’ll have no choice but to blog about it.

If you’re reading this through my Facebook, be sure to check out that Metallicats video I favorited on YouTube.  Should show on my FB wall.  It’s really great in a very dorky way.  In fact, you should watch all of the videos that I favorite.  I favorite them for a reason!  If you think they are stupid or funny or boring or whatever, leave a comment and tell me.  They’re not my videos, but I still want to know your thoughts.

Well I better go get ready for work.  I’ve been leaving for work a little earlier each day lately so that I could get some breakfast on the way.  I’ll be adding to my Del Inferno collection.

BTW here’s the little calculator I used to quickly calculate the number of days I’ve been alive (used in the subject line): http://www.beatcanvas.com/daysalive.asp

Black Mamba

hs_black_mambaLast week I finally got my hands on a bottle of BLACK MAMBA hot sauce.  It’s only a 2 ounce bottle but it really packs a punch.  I had a sandwich that day and I put a little bit on the sandwich but it didn’t seem quite as hot as I expected.  Maybe I didn’t shake it up enough, or maybe something in the sandwich really cut the heat.  I’m not sure.  I tried it again a couple of nights later.  Melted some butter in a bowl and put a few drops of this in.  I like to roll up warm flour tortillas and dip them.  It seemed a lot hotter that time.  Anyway, it has a pretty decent flavor, though I haven’t really gotten around to really putting it to the test.  I gotta put a drop or two directly on my tongue to really get a feel for it.  I haven’t done that yet.  Maybe I’ll do that tonight.  Also, for the record, I tried looking up the Scoville rating for this sauce, but the makers never really had it officially rated.  Based on what I’ve read and heard from others, this sauce could be anywhere between 1,000,000-4,000,000 scovies.  In case you don’t know anything about scoville units, and don’t know how hot a million scovies is, bear in mind that a Red Savina (hotter than the common orange ones) habanero pepper is probably around 500,000.