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Not to print or not to print? That is the question.

So a long time ago, the IT department ordered some nice, new HP color laser printers for our school.  Yay, right?  Wrong.

I don’t want to go into every little detail, but I will tell you some of it.  These printers became a nightmare.  First of all, they use four color cartridges, and unlike some printers, if one of them is empty or missing, the printer won’t print at all.  So if you’re out of yellow, and all you want to do is print some reports in black text… tough nuts.  You better find yourself a new yellow cartridge.  If that’s not bad enough, each cartridge is about 80 bucks.  That’s 80 bucks PER cartridge, and the printer uses 4 of them.  You do the math.

There’s more but let me jump ahead.  If it wasn’t bad enough to have troublesome printers, the IT department decided to run a print server from their office for all of our printers.  That means a lot of things, but most importantly it means that we are entirely dependent on the IT department for our printing.  It’s no longer an option for me to go fix it myself.  Actually, most importantly, it means that if the print server goes down at the IT office, which it did many times, nobody at the school could print.  Additionally, the idiots put all of the printers IN THE DISTRICT on the same server, so guess what… when that server gets overloaded or goes down… nobody can print.  Who put these guys in charge?

Again, there is more, but let me skip to the punchline.  After several weeks of effort, stress, annoyance, waiting, and all of those great things, we FINALLY got all of our printers working recently.  The teachers are able to do their jobs and all is well…

…and today we have just been issued new printers.

Training Day

It’s Wednesday.  Wednesdays are usually easy because I only have 2 classes on those days, and the rest I can spend doing whatever i want… well, I’m supposed to be doing work-related things but if there is nothing for me to do then I can do whatever.  I don’t get to just go home though…

Starting this year, every wednesday is a minimum day for students.  School is out at 1:45.  That’s only a little more than an hour less than a normal day, but whatever.  A NORMAL minimum day gets out much, much earlier, at 1:30.  yes.  I was being sarcastic.

I remember when I was in elementary school.  We called minimum days half days because they were a lot more like ‘half days’.  We usually got out at around noon or whenever lunch time was.

Anyway, today I am supposed to team up with Britany (school secretary) to train the teachers how to log onto the school website and edit their class pages.  We get about 20 minutes to do the training.  That’s like trying to potty-train a newborn in a week… It should be… interesting?

The Visit

The Superintendent is supposed to visit the school today at 8:30am.  It’s 8:40am right now.  Hmmmm…  I wonder if that means she’s here…  Since school hasn’t started yet, and I don’t have a class right now, I’m ok for the time being, but once school starts, I’m not gonna be able to just sit at my computer and spit out blogs and stuff until I know that she’s left campus and it’s safe to do so.  *sigh*  I have never met her in person but I might have to today.  From what I’ve observed from my humble place is that she has made a few decisions about District-wide issues that have made people quite unhappy…  but whatever.

I’m not gonna take any chances this morning…  the last thing I need is to make myself look bad in front of the big cheese.

lol… “cheese