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Hey Hey, We’re the Junkees

Hold on.  I need to get some more medicine.

I’m back.  I also put some beef on the stove for dinner.

I’m a bit disoriented today.  I’ve slept most of the day.  Got up between 7-8 this morning and was up for a little while, but then went back to bed.  Didn’t get up until after 3 in the afternoon.  I would have stayed in bed but this is now the hottest part of the day to be in the house, and having no cooler in the bedroom, it was simply too hot to stay in there.

I’ve also acquired some medicine containing codeine.  Thanks to the friend who gave it to me.  It did help me sleep, and it does seem to help me cough a lot less.  I don’t think it’ll actually CURE me, but if I cough less then my throat won’t be so irritated.  I’ve reached the point where I am now coughing up blood.

Well I guess I’d better go babysit my meal.


Last night I had a really strange dream. Okay, so everybody has really strange dreams, but I’m going to tell you about this one. It was oddly vivid.

As with most dreams, as vivid as it may have been, I can only remember certain aspects of it. I remember it was set up like a movie… but it wasn’t so much as I was IN the movie, but more like I was the camera. Like, it was like I was watching it, but I was also THERE on the scene… does that make sense? Nobody interacted with me, though. I was just watching.

I remember Billy Bob Thornton. I guess he was the bad guy in the movie. I don’t even remember why. I also remember a little girl… I think it was one of the Olsen Twins, like Michelle from Full House. She was about that very young age, too. Young but smart. There were many others but I cannot remember them clearly enough. I remember a scene where the girl was in a room, and I think she was being held as a prisoner of some sort… or something… some kind of oppression. Billy Bob was in there, and he was yelling at her or maybe just talking, but it wasn’t nice. I’d say the strangest part was that he was totally naked. Yeah.. and you could see everything. I averted my eyes but it was like one of those surprise scenes in a movie where once you realize what’s on the screen and look away, it’s too late… you saw it. Scarred for life.

So there were many, many scenes in different places with lots of different people, but I only remember scenes where someone was trying to get the little girl to say something about that guy being naked in front of her, so as to get him in trouble with the authorities. It’s weird though, because for some reason she couldn’t just GO to the authorities, she could only talk to him and she’d have to say it when someone important was in the room listening. She’d have to say something like “I wonder what they would think if they knew you were in the room naked with me!” and then I guess someone would have to be like “OMG” and then he’d get in trouble or something. Anyway, eventually she did say something like that but unfortunately all of the other people in the room were his henchmen or something and didn’t care…

I also saw Will Smith and I was able to say hi to him but he was not a major part of this movie. He was just sitting at a table.

I think I should be careful what combination of meds I take before going to sleep.