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About today

Technically my waking day began at midnight, because I didn’t go to bed until after 4:30am.

Let’s seeeeeeee… I don’t even remember when I woke up!  I was really tired, though.  I remember waking up and making a visit to the bathroom… and then… I don’t remember.

Well darn.  It’s hard to talk about my day when I don’t remember most of it.  I also just woke up from a nap.

Oh, James called me today.  Says there’s a guy lookin’ to have a Flash-based website project done and it seems he’d be willing to pay quite well for it.  I don’t know exactly how much, but the last guy that did a similar project for him got $15,000.  Yeah.  That’s 5 digits.  Well, 7 if you count the comma and dollar sign… but I’m not counting those.   Supposedly  I have about a week to figure out what the project is gonna take and if I’m willing to do it.  I need to process it for a while.

I’d like to change the “theme” of this blog.  More specifically, the banner.  I mean, the banner is okay, but it doesn’t match the background well.  I suppose I could change the background to match the banner, or change both, but I’m not sure what I want yet.  Got a good eye for design?  Suggest something to me.

Well, I’m gonna go clip my nails.  They seem to have doubled in length since yesterday.  It’s almost mutant.  It’s also making it hard to type.

I guess I wasn’t actually able to say too much about today.  Oh well.  I’m not changing the title.

I’d like to get back into the habit…

…of blogging more often.  It’s not like I don’t have time.  I think the main thing is that, even though I know I have a lot I could say, I usually am just too lazy to type it all out.

Anyway, I’ll talk about my morning so far.  No I won’t.

Hmmm…. ah, how about this… The principal sent out an email saying that the kindergarten rooms were broken into, and that there is glass everywhere.  I haven’t seen it for myself.

For those of you who may not know, Lisa and I submitted an offer on a house recently.  Of the houses we’ve seen, we like this one the best.  Our agent, Brian, called me a couple of days ago saying it looks like they’re going to accept the offer.  This is very exciting, however it’s not in stone, as far as I’m concerned, until we’ve received an addendum from the seller.  However, based on emails I’ve read from the listing agent, it sounds like they’ve already decided to accept our offer and all we are waiting on is to get the paperwork done to make it official.  This is all very exciting news, but keep it in prayer still, because until we get that addendum, things can still get in the way.

I think that’s it for now.

Please tell me what you think of my blog’s theme.  It’s one of the built-in themes, but I have paid for the ability to modify and customize anything about it that I want… so let me know what your recommendations might be.  For those of you reading this on Facebook, please visit my actual blog at https://vertigoelectric.wordpress.com

New Blog Theme

So, as you can most likely see, I’ve updated the theme to my blog’s appearance, and by “updated” i mean “changed completely”.  I like this one better.  I think it looks a bit more professional and cleaner, and it also has customizable colors, which is pretty cool.  Since I don’t really want to pay any money for my blog, I have to choose one of the built-in themes, such as this one, and each one has different kinds of things you are allowed to customize.  Some of them allow custom header images at the top, and this one happens to allow me to customize the coloring.  I also feel more comfortable with the symmetry of the layout.  Instead of two columns on the right and the posts on the left, I now still have two columns but one on each side, with the posts centered in between.

I like it.  What do you think?