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It Be The Little Things… And The Big Things, Too

After looking over a few of my old blogs I realized I should probably be blogging regularly still.  Years from now, I’d like to be able to look back at old entries like this one.  What was going on my life?  What have I experienced?  How did I react?  Who did I block on Facebook?  These are the things I’ll look back on.
So, what did vertigo do today?  That’s me, by the way.  vertigo.  No, I don’t capitalize the ‘v’.  Ever.  If you ever see it capitalized somewhere, such as on justin.tv/twitch.tv, then someone else made it that way.   I am vertigo with a lowercase ‘v’.  So… what did vertigo with a lowercase ‘v’ do today?  Find out in the following pair o’ graphs.

I woke up.  Several times.  I think I woke up more times than I fell asleep, which must mean something.  What did I have for breakfast?  Oh, I had nothing.  Eventually I ate some leftovers.  I didn’t get much work done until later in the afternoon.  Even then I didn’t get much done.  I’ll get more done tomorrow I hope.

Eh, I can’t say I did a lot today.  I began building a Portal 2 co-op map.  That’s… neat.

Y’know what, I don’t really have anything interesting to say right now.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t blogged in so long that I’m just not sure what to say any more.
Can anybody give me any ideas for things I could write about in my blog?

Just some stuff

So I just got back to work after a week off.  I walk to my lab, unlock the door, open it, step inside, and the phone starts ringing.  I hadn’t even turned on the lights or set my lunch bag down.  So begins Monday.

I got my HDD replaced.  It failed a few days before break.  Now i have a new one.  I have spent the better part of the morning reconfiguring and setting up the computer with the stuff I need.

I’m not in a bad mood today.   However, I’m still frustrated with the way things go around here.

Dealing with the process of buying a home has been rather stressful.  I figured it would be fairly easy so long as I did what the loan officer said to do, but his accent makes him difficult to understand over the phone, and we have yet to meet in person, and it just seems that when he asks for A+B and we get it, what he really meant was A+B/C.  Never mind.  So long as everything falls into place, as I am praying it will, we should be able to move into the new house within a month.  I know I said that in a previous blog, but I’m saying it again.

Lisa and I went on an adventure yesterday.  We explored some areas just north of where we live.  We should do this more often.

I’ve never cared for string cheese before, but suddenly I love the stuff.

Oh yeah, the school district is planning on cutting a lot of jobs.  Mine is on that list.  Apparently a board meeting will make a decision on the 25th.  I’d say pray about it, but I wouldn’t know what you’d pray for.  I don’t like my job for the most part.  The only thing I really like about it is that I get a lot of time off, and I get amazing benefits… oh, and I can type blogs while I’m at work.

Not to print or not to print? That is the question.

So a long time ago, the IT department ordered some nice, new HP color laser printers for our school.  Yay, right?  Wrong.

I don’t want to go into every little detail, but I will tell you some of it.  These printers became a nightmare.  First of all, they use four color cartridges, and unlike some printers, if one of them is empty or missing, the printer won’t print at all.  So if you’re out of yellow, and all you want to do is print some reports in black text… tough nuts.  You better find yourself a new yellow cartridge.  If that’s not bad enough, each cartridge is about 80 bucks.  That’s 80 bucks PER cartridge, and the printer uses 4 of them.  You do the math.

There’s more but let me jump ahead.  If it wasn’t bad enough to have troublesome printers, the IT department decided to run a print server from their office for all of our printers.  That means a lot of things, but most importantly it means that we are entirely dependent on the IT department for our printing.  It’s no longer an option for me to go fix it myself.  Actually, most importantly, it means that if the print server goes down at the IT office, which it did many times, nobody at the school could print.  Additionally, the idiots put all of the printers IN THE DISTRICT on the same server, so guess what… when that server gets overloaded or goes down… nobody can print.  Who put these guys in charge?

Again, there is more, but let me skip to the punchline.  After several weeks of effort, stress, annoyance, waiting, and all of those great things, we FINALLY got all of our printers working recently.  The teachers are able to do their jobs and all is well…

…and today we have just been issued new printers.


I wonder how many blog posts across the world are titled “bored”.

Yesterday we had some car troubles… had to get another new battery… this time for Lisa’s car.

Man I’m so bored today.

I uploaded a silly little video to my YouTube yesterday and then the first comment was someone telling me it was the most pointless thing they’ve ever seen.  Needless to say I was offended and just deleted the video.

I’m feeling a bit extra melancholy today.  Today is my appointment with the doctor… supposed to go talk to him about depression and such… to see if I can get some medicine.  Over the past week, though, I’ve felt much better… but.. whatever.

I’m tired today.  Not so much sleepy-tired, but just… well, I don’t want to be at work.  I don’t think it would be so bad if I was actually DOING some kind of work.  There’s nothing engaging for me to do.  I just sit here at my computer.

Hey if you haven’t seen our new The Fish Reel channel on YouTube, you should check it out.  Only one video now but we’ll begin to produce some interesting material.  http://www.youtube.com/user/TheFishReel

I’m a little disappointed that YouTube has no support contact.  The only ‘support’ is the user forum, and that has been little help because it relies heavily on other users answering the questions.  I’ve already asked the same question twice with no response.  I want to contact a YouTube staff member.

No, I’m VERY disappointed.

I’m thinking of doing a “misheard lyrics” video.  Look it up if you don’t know what that is.  I started one a while back but never finished.  It was pretty funny, though.

I want to go home.

Well hey at least I’m not coughing as much today.  A little here and there but not much.

Well now I’m bored with this blog…


Well it’s Tuesday morning and I’m sitting at work. I brought my camcorder with me, and even though I can’t be using it all day, when I get a break or something I’ll be recording something. There’s not much of interest to record or talk about here at work but I’m mostly using this as practice. That is practicing techniques for cutting/editing the video later, and maybe play with some effects.

I’m not new to video editing at all, though. I’ve done some work with Adobe Premiere and I’ve even made a music video with an old friend. You can see some of this on my YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/vertigoelectric). I’m kinda taking the whole thing as if I’m new at it, though… like starting fresh. Hard to explain. Some of the newer vids I’m posting make it seem a bit like I’ve never done this before… and I’m okay with that… I guess.

My friend Mike and I are going to start a new YouTube channel called The Fish Reel, and it’s going to be mostly for our church, but will have a lot more general material on there, too, but all Christian stuff. I believe we can make a lot of entertaining and informative material without sin involved :) More on that channel later, though.

Day 10,302

I haven’t read any scripture yet today, but I will definitely do so when I get to work.  I think I noticed today’s passages are from Haggai.  I’ll let you know what I get from them.  I never got much from yesterday’s readings.  I hope God will show me something this time.

Last night I vented to Lisa like never before.  No, it was nothing directed at her.  It was a great outlet though, I think.  I went on about how I don’t feel like God loves me, and that I just wish he would show himself or do something in my life that would be some kind of sign to me that he is here.  My brain reminds me that he loves me, and that he’s here, but the point is that I don’t feel it.  I also went on about other things and really “stuck it to the man”, I guess one might say.  I really hope God was listening.  It was mostly directed at him.  Think of it as cries of desperation… without the actual crying.

I’m going to try to keep the ‘bad news’ and ‘complaints’ to a minimum today.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that all day but I’ll try.  If something really ridiculous comes up, I’ll have no choice but to blog about it.

If you’re reading this through my Facebook, be sure to check out that Metallicats video I favorited on YouTube.  Should show on my FB wall.  It’s really great in a very dorky way.  In fact, you should watch all of the videos that I favorite.  I favorite them for a reason!  If you think they are stupid or funny or boring or whatever, leave a comment and tell me.  They’re not my videos, but I still want to know your thoughts.

Well I better go get ready for work.  I’ve been leaving for work a little earlier each day lately so that I could get some breakfast on the way.  I’ll be adding to my Del Inferno collection.

BTW here’s the little calculator I used to quickly calculate the number of days I’ve been alive (used in the subject line): http://www.beatcanvas.com/daysalive.asp

Nap time

Well I just got home from work, and you’d be surprised how tiring it can be to do nearly nothing all day.  I’m gonna slip into something a bit more comfortable and douse my insides with Nyquil.  Then I’m going to check the bed for bugs and evict any found tenants and move in.

Later on, maybe I’ll post a picture of socks for you.  It’s the least I can do.


Thursday Morning

Wouldn’t it be nice if I came up with more clever subject lines like I used to?  It would also be nice if I got some more comments to my blogs.  I’d really appreciate it, guys.  Blogging is a great outlet for me but it’s a glass-is-half-full thing.  It really helps to know I have readers who are taking an interest in what I blog about.

Also, feel free to leave me a comment telling me the kinds of things you want me to talk about.  I know the blog is supposed to be about me, but what kinds of things can I talk about that would interest you more?  Tell me.

Anyway, it’s Thursday morning (duh) and I’m about to go get ready for work.  I wanna leave a bit early so I can stop by Del Taco or something again.

So uh… yeah.  I’m gonna go.

End of Document.

Training Day

It’s Wednesday.  Wednesdays are usually easy because I only have 2 classes on those days, and the rest I can spend doing whatever i want… well, I’m supposed to be doing work-related things but if there is nothing for me to do then I can do whatever.  I don’t get to just go home though…

Starting this year, every wednesday is a minimum day for students.  School is out at 1:45.  That’s only a little more than an hour less than a normal day, but whatever.  A NORMAL minimum day gets out much, much earlier, at 1:30.  yes.  I was being sarcastic.

I remember when I was in elementary school.  We called minimum days half days because they were a lot more like ‘half days’.  We usually got out at around noon or whenever lunch time was.

Anyway, today I am supposed to team up with Britany (school secretary) to train the teachers how to log onto the school website and edit their class pages.  We get about 20 minutes to do the training.  That’s like trying to potty-train a newborn in a week… It should be… interesting?


As some of you may already know, I’ve been suffering from depression for some time now.  Certain days it seems lighter, and other days it seems unbearable.  Lately, especially after becoming ill, I have noticed that it is beginning to affect my performance at work.  With the passing of each day i care less and less about more and more.

I really don’t know how to explain it with any more detail.  The psyche of it all fluctuates throughout the day.   I could explain more specifically how I feel but that may change by the time you read this.

Part of me is tired and scared.  Another part of me just doesn’t care.

The Visit

The Superintendent is supposed to visit the school today at 8:30am.  It’s 8:40am right now.  Hmmmm…  I wonder if that means she’s here…  Since school hasn’t started yet, and I don’t have a class right now, I’m ok for the time being, but once school starts, I’m not gonna be able to just sit at my computer and spit out blogs and stuff until I know that she’s left campus and it’s safe to do so.  *sigh*  I have never met her in person but I might have to today.  From what I’ve observed from my humble place is that she has made a few decisions about District-wide issues that have made people quite unhappy…  but whatever.

I’m not gonna take any chances this morning…  the last thing I need is to make myself look bad in front of the big cheese.

lol… “cheese

Best Parking Spot

Here at the school we don’t have a very big parking lot.  It’s not tiny, but it certainly isn’t like the parking lot at Six Flags.  Anyway, if you can see the picture below, you’ll see that the parking lot is on the corner of the block.  It’s the NW corner, and it’s somewhat shaped like a triangle.  Well, the entrance to the school is over towards where the big trees are shown on the right edge of the picture.  You can see steps leading to the sidewalk.   Since this is where everybody generally comes and goes, parking as close to this as possible is ideal, so people generally try park as close to the NE point of the triangle-shaped parking lot as they can.  If you look at that north-most row of cars in the top left of the picture, it would be to the right of that.  Anyway, as you can see, there are some empty spaces.  Well, the area closest to the entrance is a blue-line, no-parking area (you can see this in my previous post No Parking).  The spot next to that is the handicap parking spot that the blue lines are there for, and then finally next to that is just a normal parking space that says “COMPACT”.

Well, for some reason, people very rarely park there.  I can pull into the parking lot, and sometimes every spot will be taken except for that one, so I park there.  It’s the best parking space in the whole parking lot (even better than the administration spots that have their own labels likes “Principal, Secretary, Clerk, etc…”

It seems that people think it’s a handicap spot for some reason, and probably because the spaces are angled.  Because of the angle, the blue handicap sign does kinda look like it might be meant for that space, but it totally isn’t.  In fact, my car is parked there right now.  :)